Spoon of Recipes

If you know me you probably know that since forever I love to cook for breakfast, lunch dinner or in between treats and snacks. Today I decided to start an Instagram page with my own recipes and photos of food I cooked myself and was confirmed by friends and family so you can be your own chef step by step.

I’ll keep it short and let you be the judge, follow my account @spoonofrecipes



Amman Design Week; Entelec

Today, I visited Amman Design Week at The Hangar Exhibition, Downtown Amman. I was blown away by the creative ideas in each corner but something specific pulled all my interest; The Entelec.

This tall fabric (Entelec) you see as you walk in was 350 kg, but this isn’t it. It was HOMEMADE by around 19 Jordanians (literally made in a home, as you’ll see in the picture below). I wanted to share with you how amazing it is that you can use many creative minds and hands to come with such a simple project that can dazzle the people as they pass by the door, it was a true inspiration. 

You can see more pictures on my snapchat account; simaashaqman 

Hanadi’s Accessories

It’s the era of accessories, isn’t it? Unusual customized necklaces, chokers or rings took over the social media online shopping accounts and embraced the idea of an accessory making history, changing your entire outfit. So this season, it’s all about the pieces you add to your outfit that can change it from casual to chic!

Hanadi Abzakh launched her online shopping account “Hanadi’s Accessories” on Instagram and with every post, I’m falling in love with her gorgeous taste in the pieces she’s offering. I must also mention that her products are of extremely affordable prices!!

I’ve gathered few of my favorites for you:

customized ring with arabic names 

opal hansa and customized neckalces 

gold,rose-gold and silver bracelets 

All these accessories and more are available on her Instagram account hanadi_accessories, shopping in Jordan and worldwide. You can also directly open the link to her Instagram account here:


Where next

If you know me, you know that i cant stay committed to a thing more than a year, after the first year i loose interest. Well, until i find something i love then i work hard for it. 

For the past 4 years, i tried so many new experiences and i still didnt find the one thing that took all my interest, that made me say oh this is what i wanna be.  

From magazines to conferences, each position i was in taught me something different, something that affected my character, something i will hold into through my life, and all the new adventures that are still on the way. 

I’ve learned how to keep my thoughts organized and neat from a founder of a magazine. I’ve learned that being nervous when talking infront of people goes away by opening-and-shutting a pen head, which I’ve learned from the president of a MUN team. I’ve learned that  you cannot mix friends with work, however it was an amazing team I’ve worked with at a magazine once. I’ve learned that you can’t be living if you’re not traveling, traveling teaches a lot about people outside your confort zone. I’ve learned a lot and I’m still learning more. Its all about the things you learn away from your studying desk, these are the things you will carry through your personality.  

Until i find what I’m looking for you’ll keep seeing me in different places trying new different challenges, climb aboard and stay tuned! 

Listen, learn and write 

It has been a while now since I’ve been disconnected from the online world, with all the waves I’ve faced in the last months it was hard for me to keep up and blog. But here i am, and I’m glade to say I’m back with more articles and stronger than ever!

A couple of weeks ago i ran into someone who made my day with a 5-minutes conversation, i was shocked to hear what he had to say and this made me want to write more and more! He first asked me if I’m the girl behind the blog and the writing but that didn’t surprise me, but here’s the interesting story, he knew about me and my writings without having a single online account (not even Facebook!) it surprised me to hear that and to know that more people like him did and this gave me the motivation to be back online.

With the passed 7 months I’ve learned new things about myself and life that changed my whole perspective of the life I thought I’ve been living, I’ve learned to listen before acting, I’ve learned to think before moving forward and, most importantly, I’ve learned to write everything before they become forgotten. This can be summed up with; I’ve learned to listen, learn and write. 

Fast and last, I’m really exited to be back and tell you more about the waves I’ve been facing in the last couple of months, so stay tuned and have a good summarish night!


While i was driving back home from university a couple of days ago, i heard a discussion on one of Amman’s radios abouta question  that, for i dont know what reason, grapped my attention. The question was: what helps you more in your life; beauty or brains?

Without deeply thinking about it, most, if not all, people will answer brains. Well, this answer could be 100% right if we lived in a different time, but right know the case has changed. 

Living in such a community as the Middle East the answer is both, or thats how i see it from my prespective. 

It is an ugly truth that this sentense makes perfect sense in our surrounding environment: Beauty gets you to where you want to be, but your brain keeps you there for a longer time period. 

Some may agree and others may not, but the ugly minds of our community have made the impossible possible.  

Goodbye to great memories 

10 days left until 2016 and i gotta say that was fast! 2015, to me, was full of excitement and I’m sad to realise its almost over. 

Starting my 2015 with senior was the best beginning to such an amazing year. It is far the best year I had in school, and I’m happy but sad that it’s over.   

Class of 2015
Moving to graduation, I had the chance to graduate with the best people I’d ever ask for. That adrenaline rush you get right before the entrance music starts playing is beyond amazing! Although I don’t remember anything that happened during graduation, I only remember the gossiping between us gruduates, and I can’t stop smiling each time it comes to my mind. That whole experience was phenomenal! 

Graduation 2015
Graduations and graduation parties, that was an another story. The friends i celebrated with are friends that i will keep for a lifetime.   

childhood friends, more like sisters

 And thats when summer came and Jerash’s Festival came along. I had the chance to dance on Jerash for my second time year, and I can never get used to it.  The excitement it brings is indescribable, and I’m so grateful for this one!  

Jeel Al Jadeed at Jerash 2015

The new chapter in my life thats going on pretty great is university. Although my major is killing me, I met some of the best people I’d ever thought of meeting and to experience this new chapter with them is incredible.  

Always count your blessings and be grateful, and cheers to more new adventure of 2016. Merry Christmas and happy new year! 


Chance and Chanel; a never ending story

For a small while now, I’ve been obsessed with a new perfume called Chanel Chance by Chanel. This newest fragrance from Chanel sticks to your skin all day long.

Chanel’s new fragrance has a quite great idea behind its circular shape; when Chanel’s artistic director Jacques Helleu imagined Chance he drew a circle: the only shape that can co-exist in harmony with the square shape of Chanel’s previous perfume, and share its timelessness. Chanel Chance is dedicated to ‘young women who dare’.

The one which I am obsessing over right now is the WhiteWater, that combines fresh, fruity and spicy elements.

A draft page of my diary 

Deat me,

Its almost midnight and after one of the longest and most tiring days, im happy to be back in my bed! It has been a while since the last time I’ve posted here and while checking my blog stats after a long time it made me smile.

It always makes me happy to see that everyday some are checking my blog in and out of Jordan. But this time, what made me smile is that some are checking my blog from countries i didnt hear of before and thats actually amazing!!

Im so grateful of the things I’ve done so far in my life, this year has been a productive year to me and feels weird knowing 2016 is around the corner. Here is a picture I’m sharing with you which is currently my background picture.


8 things I’ve learned by 18

Well, I finally turned 18 yesterday. The past year has been one of the best in my life, from senior year, graduating high school, celebrating my results to starting university. Everything I’ve been through had a bitter sweet feeling different from the other. But today I’m sharing with you 8 things I’ve learned this year just before turning 18.

Give yourself a night off alone. Make one night a week your night to do nothing. Personally,with everything going on right now in my life, it’s extremely easy to get overwhelmed. Spend a night re-reading your favorite book, listen to your favorite music or take a walk by yourself. You need this.

If you learn to like black coffee, your life will be a lot easier. Weather you’re late for a lecture or not, black coffee is the easiest decision to make.

Never miss an opportunity to tell people you appreciate them. Even with a simple ‘thank you’, don’t miss a chance to tell someone you’re thankful for them being there. It’s a terrible feeling to lose someone important to you and not remember the last time you told them how much you cared.

It’s okay to be the only one. Whether you’re the only one staying in on a Thursday, the only one dancing, or the only one saying nothing.. it’s okay. Life isn’t about fitting in, In fact, it’s the moments you’ll remember the most. Don’t be afraid of being different.

If you have a dream, go for it no matter what. Prove the ones who doubted you wrong. Work for what you believe and follow your passion.

Say hi to a stranger more often. It makes a difference looking at someone, smiling and saying a brief hello. I guarantee it will make their day, and your brain will do that whole thing again where it automatically think you’re happy,

Write more often. Words are hard, they’re even harder to say most of the time. For me, if i can’t say it, i write it. It’s a wonderful habit to get into. (write as if you’re the  reader, that’s the secret)

Be grateful. Be grateful for your health, school, collage, family and friends, food, and the list goes on. There’s a million thing to be thankful for. Even having the chance to be able to wake up each morning and knowing you have a full-scheduled day, is most amazing feeling! Always be grateful, don’t take anything for granted. They all come and go.

I hope i maybe taught you a few things. Always remember to be who you are and to not let anyone bring you down. People are different, and different is amazingly special.

Why i chose my major 

Ive been asked from literally everyone i talk to why i chose communication engineering as my major. Look at your life, we live in a century were ‘communication’ known as ‘itisalat’ is one of the most important communication methods. Lately people around me were trying to convince me to change into power and energy engineering as a more open career path. But, how amazing it is to open all the secrets behind the human’s most important communication method that has recently been a distraction to all our lives errands. And I’m pretty sure it will become more important and essential in the upcoming years with more fascinating inventions. Wish me luck xx 

its almost 2016.. 

I read this a few days ago and made me want to burst into tears. 

2016 has brought to me many amazing memories that ill keep for alifetime. Im so sad yet happy to see once in a lifetime experiences end that fast and leave everlasting marks in my life. These memories made me the person i am today. And some memories, that will stay with me as far as ill be going. 

I start uniceristy tomorrow and I’m very excited about it. Tomorrow i’ll be writing page 1 of my new book, my new journey. Wish me luck and goodnight xx 

Guess What.. I have my own domain now

My blog is now officially simaatleisure.com, i couldn’t wait to share this with you as I’m super excited about this. I would always be over the moon when someone tells me “I read your blog” or “i love your blog” although I’d be shocked about how they heard about it, unrelated information i know.. but, hey, I’m really excited!

Sima AT LEISURE is my daily escape from reality, I’ll be writing about whatever the topic that would interest me at certain time. Happy reading and goodnight!!

4 must haves in your handbag- Summer 2015

Hello gorgeous souls. I’m so excited to be publishing my very first beauty article ever today, sharing my 4 beauty products that I personally couldn’t live without this summer. Happy reading!


#1 REVLON 3D Volume Mascara; talk about having your eyelashes curled on point! The rubber brush has loads of thin bristles with a rounded tip, to easily reach every single lash for “maximum dimension”. This mascara is a-must-have for a simple makeup everyday summer look.

#2 eos Lip Balm; summer is known for drying lips and what better product than eos? Away from it’s smooth rubbery plastic texture from the outside, this medical product helps moisturizing your dry lips from the first time you apply it, i guarantee!

#3 Alien Perfume; this perfume is a guilty pleasure of mine, although it has a very strong scent when first applied, give it 5 minutes and smell it again. From a personal use, they’re the only ones that stick to my skin all day long.

#4 NIVEA Mattifying DayCare; this is the perfect product to keep your face moisturized and protected during summer. But of course, the number one thing that keeps your body hydrated is water water and water!!!

First journey.. done


The countdown has officially started and I’m four days away to complete a 12-years journey. This journey has got me through thin and thick. They say, the best years of your life are school years, so far they’re right. Until this moment I still cant believe i graduated, like really did I? Graduation day came faster than i realized, it looked too far yet it was too soon, and now it ended.

Once a Friday morning, i woke up around 11AM not feeling a thing, all i was thinking about ‘okay, this is a normal Friday morning but wait I’m graduating today’,nothing felt weird. i arrived to the hairdresser with my best-friend around 2PM, yet nothing’s weird. When it comes to makeup i am so picky, so a normal day at the saloon for me would be me giving little a thousand comments about how light the foundation is, or how dark the lipstick is, and small silly stuff (you’ll never want me around while someone is doing their makeup). After we had our hair and makeup done it was around 6PM so we rushed back home, changed our clothes, got into short black skirts that make you feel old(trust me, they do), and went to school. Graduation was one hour away!

Its 7PM and we’re queuing for our entrance, voices started getting louder and excitement was filling our emotions, so now something felt weird. This 1 hour 15 minutes amazing period passed too fast and graduation was over! You spend 14 years of your life in a place you call home, with people you call family and with a blink of an eye it’s over.

They say that every once in a while, life gives us fairytales. I’m so lucky to have experienced such a wonderful thing. And now, I’m excited for my next journey.

Motivational quotes keep me going..

What first we find impossible, we later deem unlikely, and eventually accept as inevitable.

My gratitude journal for 2014

I’m sitting on my couch, in my room, and a cup of tea on my side, on the last day of 2014. As I gather my thoughts, I notice my emotional status; calm and peaceful. Sitting here writing about something worth reading (I hope), realizing that what I’m feeling today would reflect my life in 2014.

As a matter of fact, why not let my last post in 2014 be about gratitude. Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your blessing, noticing simple pleasures, and acknowledging everything that you receive. Gratitude shifts your focus on the positive vibes around you rather than what your life lacks. Whether through family love, friends day out, long night talks or even by one message, we all have people in our lives that may change our day from bad to superb in no time!

As its the end of 2014, I would like to tell first, my family, a huge thank you for always being showered with love that got me through everything. Thank you for the opportunity of having to drink Juicebangbang EVERY weekend. Thank you for the never-ending amazing comment each time I share an article as if its my first.

A special, enormous thank you for my gorgeous bestfriend, layan, who is my support and backbone. Thank you for being my long-lost unbiological sister. Thank you for being there anytime, anywhere. Best memory we ever had in 2014? Hmm the day we saw ‘If I stay’. It may all sound cheesy but you know how much I love you.

A thank you for my ‘Pizzas’ who made my summer one of the best summers of my life. A thank you for my childhood friends who always filled my nights with laughter. A big thank you for my childhood, forever big sister Farah for being the cherry of my life. A final thank you for EVERYONE who keeps my life full of interesting, loving and supportive moments that mean the world to me.

Life is a special occasion.

Take your time to share your feelings. Not the simple, polite thank you, but the heartful and emotional thank you. Tell your family and friends how their love, support and sense of humour helps you get through tough times. Don’t take anything for granted!

Happy new year!

P.S don’t forget to check out my article Set Your 2015 Resolutions!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Recently, most of my posts are about senior year, (can you feel the excitement?) but i promise this would be my last and shortest one!

Approaching the end of high school, the question of what do you want to study in university becomes as familiar as 123. Senior year is a wonderful time, with classmates filled with emotions, plans and expectations. Senior year is also about reflecting back all those years spent behind a desk in a classroom, while looking ahead on new adventures and experiences.

Here are where some people see themselves in five years from now;


Where do I see myself in five years from now?

Personally, i have no idea what I’ll be doing five years from now, but something im sure about, is that ill be somewhere doing the thing im passionate about, wether it’s engineering or business. Helping others, volunteering and social media (social media is a guilty pleasure of mine) is something that would fill my ‘extra’ time. Oh, I almost forgot, writing is something that will, for sure, stay forever in my life.

Where do YOU see yourself in five years from now?

Time waits for nothing..

Maybe what you’re going to read sound weird and cheesy, And maybe some of  you won’t understand but I’m sure some will.

Have you ever been in a position where you would be depressed due to time? (yeah, time) You’ll be depressed of how fast time has changed many things around you. By time, things lost it’s good spirits. Some of the things lost the spark that once carried itself into your life. Look back three years ago, how different were things back then? Don’t you wish you can just relive those moments? You might say that I’m too young to talk about this, but I’m just expressing how I feel.

Growing up isn’t something we’d choose for it to happen, It’s something that happens every single second, no matter if we want it or not. You wonder how things would change when you’re living each second like the one before it,  but when you look back you realize how much things changed, for better or for worse. Don’t you wish you can go back to the things like they were years ago? Even if the same people and things are still existing in your life at this moment, but is it the same? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Looking and reading about university majors scares me to death. What if I regret what I choose? Is it really who I want to be for rest of my life? Is this how my life will be like for next forever years? Being in senior year has put me through tough decisions. Am i even that mature person I expected to be? Thinking about making the wrong decision is terrifying. It makes me wonder if I’ll succeed or fail. As much as I wish senior year would be over, I don’t want to graduate or go to university or do anything a grown up is supposed to do, I’m not ready to grow up now, are you?

I overwhelmed you by questions but trust me, try to answer them all you’ll reach a blocked way. You’ll be stuck in maze, a maze of unfinished answers, a maze created by your thoughts.

Have a good day!

Following blindly

Here’s a true and a funny article;
Today’s society looks at what others wear with complete blindness. How? Well they see only what others want them to see. They look into one brand and if you’d tell them about another exact one with a different logo they’ll call it ‘fake’. The funny part is that 75% of people wearing brands like toms and juicy are fake, but no, when you tell them about another its the one thats fake.
Let me tell you a funny sad story. When toms began to come up the ladder, everywhere you go people are wearing toms. Two weeks later my mom got me a pair of ‘Bobs’, which look exactly like toms but is a ‘Sketchers’ brand. People started asking questions like “Is that a fake toms?” I responded “no its Sketchers” with a laugh. Since that day I made sure how shallow our society was, copying blindly is their inly hobby. I salute every person who never wore a toms! (Sadly, I’m not one of them.)

Two steps away🎓

It feels like it was just yesterday when we were so little in fifth grade and looking generally clueless on all the upper classmen. Being excited for the first day of school and always having that morning spirit. Now we are the upper classmen, the seniors who are two steps away from moving forward in the world. Time has managed to move in the blink of an eye. That bitter sweet feeling you get, when you want to graduate and go back to tenth grade.

How did we get it all measured out in high school? At the beginning, we measured it by class periods, counting minutes to eventual freedom. As days, weeks and semesters passed, we moved from being the clueless freshmen to sophisticated sophomores. By the time we were juniors, we were prepared to take over the graduating seniors and we couldn’t wait to ‘rule the school’

Well, if you ask me, i could say I’ve been through the most dramatic summer ever, but things didn’t stop this way. As seniors, we managed to forget all the differences between us and concentrate on what may be the best year of our lives. We choose how to make our year better, we choose to let go of the negative energy and keep holding into the positivity. Friendships we’ll keep a lifetime, make things mean more than just a seniors year.

And when many of our high school memories start to fade, we’ll be looking back on our memory page on Instagram, looking at pictures and videos that will keep us smiling and crying.
P.s; dont forget to follow us on Instagram @asriyyahseniors15


The experience behind performing in Jerash

Between school, mocks and preparing for my externals i had a bit of free time, i have decided that i would take advantage of it and do something very extraordinary, and here i am performed in Jerash in June, wonder what, right? Back to my Circassian origins, the path i choose was dancing. My mother also did perform in Jerash and my aunt went performing in Turkey, so this may make it a tradition, but i never took it in that base, dancing is something i loved doing each day.

Four days a week of training, with minimum of 3 hours per day, was hectic but the result was phenomenal, i must admit! We would start at 5 or 6 PM and we should be done at 9 PM but for our trainer that was a lost-dream, he would make us stay for 10 because he was a perfectionist, which simply means that even if you’re tired to the maximum point you’ll have to do the dance one more perfect time. The preparations for Jerash were different as we were in April, which we had 3 months only. The excitements for us, the first timers, was indescribable, we would jump in joy every time we hear about something related to The Jerash Summer Festival 2014.

Two days were left, the schedule seemed tiring and impossible to follow. We had a prova from 1 AM to 6 AM the night before the concert. Then we had to be there by 11 AM the next day (the day of the concert) talk about having zero sleep! The mixed emotions we had were between fear and excitements.

I was shaking from fear when i stepped on the stage, it was my first concert ever and i was the first one in the first line. Five minutes after my entrance i didn’t want to leave the stage, the audience in the theatre were almost two thousand, but the feeling was priceless. I am ready to re-live the experience everyday, the fear, the excitement, the stress and the joy.

Every time I see the posts in the streets about the Jerash festival i die a little inside, i know now i can never take it back again. Here’s to best first experience ever!

Mind the incomplete ideas in each paragraph, but i am literally speechless when it comes to describing what i felt, it was just amazing!





It feels like it was just yesterday when i was getting ready for my first day in 8th grade, and guess what, I’m a senior to be (trust me i cant be more shocked). Time always finds a way to pass by with the wind, never wait for anyone.

Suddenly, my best friend turned eighteen and i cant even believe she graduated. Suddenly, my favorite people graduated. Suddenly, you see the faces of some people you never imagined they had it covered. Suddenly, time is making it hard to catch a breathe.

Time, for me, taught me that each second passing will make us realize something new. With each second passing, we are getting closer to the things we are nervous about. The thing that nervous us 90% doesn’t happen, and that was a friend’s advice to me. We spend more time thinking about what negative consequences will be than the actual situation.

This picture is best phycology treatment ever. Give it a minute and read it.

Life is too short and time passes by too fast. Stop worrying about the things that didn’t happen yet and start thinking of the present. This may be a pointless post but i wanted to express what i felt.


Thinking outside the box means approaching problems in new, unusual ways; understanding your position in relation to any particular situation in a way you’d never thought of before. Ironically, it’s a cliché that means to think of clichéd situation in ways that aren’t clichéd.

We’re told to “think outside the box” all the time, but how exactly do we do that? How can we confront problems in a ways other than we normally confront problems? How can we look at things from a different position?

Thinking outside the box starts well before we’re “boxed in”. Here is a small question; thinking outside the box, how can you draw only three lines joining all the dots?


Here are 5 ways to beef up your out-of-the box thinking skills.

1. Understand that, for a given problem, same people tend to come up with more “creative” solutions.
The inability of a person to do some tasks does not reflect one’s intelligence. What it does reflect is that one is willing, or need, to push himself out of his comfort zone to get the answer he seeks.

2. Learn what inhabits your ability to change.
There are some characteristics that lessen one’s ability to make a positive change in his thinking methods; these are the negative attitude, fear of failure ‘perfectionism”, stress and over-reliance on logic.

3. Accepting challenges
By expecting things to never change just because they’ve always stayed the way they are, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of unhappiness. Stop jumping to hasty conclusions, reflect over things until the best answer arrives.

4. Break free of dull routine
Doing the same routine, day in and day out, will dull even the smartest person’s mind. Change your routine up, occasionally.

5. Brainstorm
Brainstorming can do amazing things to help you think outside-the-box. For example, if you hated a certain subject,  try it again; this time make yourself do well. Force your mind to think down different pathways.

Remember our previous question? Only 3 out of 10 people succeeded in solving it. Want to know why? Here’s a tip, the question said “thinking outside the box” , make sure you pay attention to every word. Here’s the right pattern.


Make an effort to push your thinking up to and beyond its limit every now and again – the talents you develop may come in handy the next time you face a situation that “everybody knows” how to solve.

Walk your talk… one step at a time

My very first AS results are coming out in almost 3 days and I’m terrified, maybe because I am all about getting good marks. Well, I’ve done my best, so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed! I finished studying for today so I thought about writing.

I was reading articles about staying motivated, on the Internet. One of the articles I was reading is about success.  “Success does not belong to a select few; sucess belongs to ‘you’, if you’re willing to go after it” that was the writer’s claim and I completely agree. When you think about success you fear to fail, well, that’s 100% wrong. In order to succeed you must double your failure rate, dare and do, until you accomplish what you aimed for. You fail, and fail, and fail; failure is the path to success.  The obstacles you’ll face will prepare you for sucess.

“The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The ‘sure-thing’ boat never gets far from shore.”

–Dale Carnegie

The difference between a successful person and others is his will of succeeding. Without desire,  you won’t have the motivation to sucess. Putting in your mind that success is your goal is the biggest step to success. People who desire have a thousand more chances than people who are just interested. Every time you work for something vision it as it’s the very first time, give the people who are expecting much from you, well more. Think about what you’re doing in a positive way, even if it’s not what you prefer, because God has better days for you if you just work harder.

Thinking about steps for success and reading articles about motivation every once in a while is very helpful to get your mind out of something you’re trying not to think about, for me it is. Have a good night.

Your actions reflect who you are

Have you ever wondered where will you be in five years? What will you be doing? How would the life you’re living now differ? Well, I guess we all did.

Our lives aren’t the fairytale in movies and books. Growing up, most of the stories that were tellen to us were about princesses and their happily ever after life, but in reality its not always a ‘happily ever after’ ends or maybe that’s what I’ve learnt.

Personally,  my dream is to do something that might help people, and I’ve talked about doing it with a friend of mine. We are blessed for the lives we’re living and we’re thankful for the privileges we have, thinking of the opposite?  Well, you’ve got internet, for a start,  so the basic life needs are available for you, definitely! However, some people are less privileged than me, you and many. Have you ever wondered how these people survive? If you never did, well, this is a good time to try. Imagine making an effort every single day so in return you can have a piece of bread for lunch. Imagine not sitting in a cosy room while its heavily raining outside. Yet, some people go through worse.

The tragedy of life is in what dies inside a man while he lives – the death of genuine feeling, the death of inspired response, the awareness that makes it possible to feel the pain or the glory of other men in yourself

-Norman Cousins

Want something to change for the better? Start with yourself. We chose the life we are going to live. Start spending some time helping someone else, if could be anyone. Imagine it, feel it and you will achieve it.

Growing up

Growing up, we’ve been asked many times about what we wanted to be in the future. In first grade, our dreams were kings, queens and princesses. In eleventh grade, everyone wants to be doctors and engineers, including me! But we dont know the fact that the world is full of these two majors. Have you ever wondered how many engineers are with no job, especially in Jordan? Well, this isn’t the time to make hard and fast decisions. Choose the wrong bus and get lost somewhere then try to find your way back by yourself. Change your mind a million times, because nothing is permanent now. Read about every major you hear about. Sometimes, we really have to learn something the hard way. We really have to commit mistakes in order for us to realize something and when the right time comes we’ll know where to put the first brick into building our future.

They’re what matter!

        Over the past year, our highschool life has changed. The people that you never throught will go along are bestfriends, and manies showed us all that they’re two faced, one day with you and the next day they’re against.      
        We’re still growing, we dont know with who are we going to hang out next month or where we’re going to be next year. This is the hardest journey of life, being a teenager. This is the age of ours that will pass by so fast and we should enjoy every second of it becuase we have only a few years to be young but all our life to be an adult. Some of our actions, we’ll laugh at when we grow but its all worth trying.
         Junior, is what we are now and next year,  cant believe im saying it, we’re graduating. Time has already flied by too fast but with every month passing by we all had our ups and downs, but we’re all going to get through that, you know how? Together, becuase of friends. Friends always keep us going no matter how bad we feel or how low we are. No matter how much we all fight we’ll fix thing eventually because what we’re meant to be is friends not enemies.
         High school is just a chapter from our book of life, and what is a book for without happy endings? Family and friends are the main things that keep us going through life, becuase they’re what matter the most, without them we’ll fall and never rise from the first obstacle that comes up in our way. I cant go on and on with more paragraphs but I guess we all got the idea that friends are what matter.

It’s our beliefs that form our world!

It was getting late and I was watching the news with my father. I realized, that right now, people are being killed while we’re trying to find solutions to our silly problems. There are many important things in life than the issues we’re dealing with. Someday we’re going to regret wasting our time on useless problems and issues. Some people are mean and we need to find the right way to stop their moves and just stop them. How about a happy life? Who doesn’t want this? Therefore, this is the time where we should count our blesses not our faults, we need to choose carefully. Life is short and to honor our time is important in this lifetime. Turn off the fire in your heart start a new page, believe, forgive and stop the hatred.

Positive perspective..

Well, we all want to be happy in life.I sometimes see the world through a negative perspective, focusing on the bad and ignoring the good — especially when things aren’t going the way I had hoped as I’ve been struggling with this lately, but it is easy to change my perspectives. Recently my thoughts about school where all negative, as I hate school, I’m tired of waking early every morning or I’m tired of studying daily. I’ve learned something that if I did all these with a possitive feeling and ideas like if I worked hard on my subject I’ll gain things that i like. There is a sentence that i love saying it and i do say it a lot “As you give, you receive.” Think about it this way, if you did this right, you will reveive something you wanted, after all,  who doesn’t want anything from life. Think about everything in a positive way and you will see, in the end, that the way you gave, you will receive it, no less, no more. Good luck guys with everything you are going through and if you thought about it positively it will go away quickly.

Don’t be sad it ended, be happy it happened…

You can’t change the past, there’s no going back, you have to honor the time you had, those freeze, special moments are the ones that we will remember. It’s not about how much time you had, it’s about what you choosed to do with it. You always have a choice, to be or not to be, life is a choice, every minute is a choice, every breathe is a choice. You have to live life moving forwards not back. You have to know the meaning of life, honor what it gives you, cause you can not appreciate what you have until you loose it, for good. Dont think about the mistakes you’ve done, think about what you are going to do to fix it. Take an advice and if you set your mind on something, just say “Get set, get ready, go for it.”